The motorcycle free taking back which doesn’t move

Before scrapping the motorcycle which doesn’t move, no charge is taken back.

To the person who considers disposal of a car.

Without spending money, it’s possible to scrap the car.

When a car of drop of 10 year is sold.

When choosing most suitable sell method, it’s possible to reduce the probability which becomes taking back for 0 yen big.

Auction exhibition vicarious execution of traders

When using auction vicarious execution, it’s possible to deal in a car by the auction traders use for stocking.

what we do

Of structural modification, I go through the procedure, I substitute.

Procedure of structural modification application is divided into 2 stages of the form examination and the ride check. It takes for approximately 1 week-about 10 days for a form examination.

what we offer

Fitting oil is selected in a favorite car and correct oil change is put into effect.

Oil of mechanical LSD is exchanged.

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Tire order sale and an exchange are put into effect.

A specialist of tire sale deals. I’ll choose a fitting tire from the rich line-up.

Car navigation equipment installation service

Net purchase and bringing in items are installed.

Our work

car diagnostic machine

programming/coding service
Specialized tool

Special equipment 



dedicated scan tool


Coding settings

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Contact us

  • officematumura@gmailcom

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1. Personal information shall be limited to the extent necessary for the legitimate conduct of our company’s business, such as customer inquiries, customer management, employment of employees, and personnel management, and shall not be acquired, used, or provided in an appropriate manner, nor shall personal information be handled beyond the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use.

2. We will comply with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other standards related to the protection of personal information.

3. We will continuously improve our personal information security system by injecting management resources that match the actual situation of the business in order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information through reasonable security measures. We will also take prompt corrective action in the event of an emergency.

4. We will respond promptly, sincerely and appropriately to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.

5. In light of the changing environment surrounding our company, the Personal Information Protection Management System will be reviewed in a timely and appropriate manner and improvements will be continuously promoted. This policy shall be made available to anyone at any time by posting on this website.

Contact information

Inquiries regarding the Personal Information Protection Policy can be made at the following office.

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All communication between your web browser and the server is encrypted by SSL encrypted communication when you enter or send data on our company’s various forms, so your entries are sent securely. ipsum dolor sit amet, at mei dolore tritani repudiandae. In his nemore temporibus consequuntur, vim ad prima vivendum consetetur.

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